In this article of our blog we show in the video below some sequential images of a activity carried out of saddles covering: one of the special services that we of carboniomania realize making use of the collaboration of expert artisan partners.

Customer request:
Our client asked us to cover the saddle of a 2017 YAMAHA R1 motorcycle, because it is very worn.

The result:
The upholstery was carried out with an Alcantara fabric and at the request of the customer we used Blue color cotton thread for the seams.

As the customer reported, the result was very satisfying.

The features of the saddle covering service

Seat cover: for all motorcycle models
Material: fabric, leather or alcantara of your choice
Seams: color of your choice

How can you request a special covering service for your saddle?

Given the particularity of the coating service, to make a request we prefer a first telephone contact followed by a message via email or whatsapp message in which photographs of the saddle to be coated are sent.

You can use the Special Services request form