The Laguna Seca circuit is located in Monterey (CA United States), built in 1957 and has a length of 3610 meters.

Perched on the side of a hill, it alternates unique ups and downs.

In 1988 the circuit underwent the only major modification to the track over the years, with the construction of the section from curve 2 to curve 5, necessary to reach the minimum length required by the FIM.

Several sections have recently been adapted to new security needs.

The track configuration is particular and quite different from the other tracks in the rest of the world.

The most famous section is undoubtedly the one to which the Corkscrew belongs (in English Corkscrew - curves 8 and 8a in the image on the side), a spectacular chicane placed at the top of the hill, which faces 80 km / h and winds on a very steep hill.

Another point of the circuit to consider is the straight of the finish, very short and with two slight changes of direction where the maximum speed is reached, which for the bikes of the Superbike and MotoGP categories is about 270 km / h, while for LMP1 class cars touch 300 km / h.

The drivers testify that this is a circuit where overtaking is not very simple, also because there are few suitable points to attempt an attack.

At the request of the same and the organizers of the MotoGP, the plant underwent major works in the winter between 2005 and 2006 which did not affect the design of the track (apart from the intervention on the bump that precedes the Corkscrew curve), but who have expanded their escape routes in several places.

Valentino Rossi's overtaking against the Australian Casey Stoner is famous, overtaking which causes many controversies and debates in this regard.

"It is sneaky, it has disappointed me ..". These are the words of Stoner at the end of the race.

After the traffic lights, overtaking and counter-overtaking to lose count, Rossi's wheel on the ground at the Corkscrew, Stoner's awkward fall for the Italian's victory on the Californian circuit.

The memory still burns: «The famous tussle between me and Valentino in the next stage at Laguna Seca, a race that will probably always be remembered for Rossi's overtaking me in the Corkscrew.

Of course I wasn't happy with that particular maneuver, but worse things happened that weren't filmed by the cameras. "

Rossi replied harshly, claiming that the Ducatista 's polemical attitude was due to his defeat, to his lack of ability to accept the result and to have suffered a pass which entered history.

But let's go back to the track, without any doubt, one of the most spectacular and difficult of the whole world championship, due to the difficulty of overtaking and the little margin of error.

In the years from 1988 to 1994 and then from 2005 to 2013 it hosted the US Motorcycle Grand Prix.

The fastest lap on two wheels is attributable to Jorge Lorenzo with his "1.20.554" riding a Yamaha M1.

Many specialized newspapers use the track as a venue for their comparison tests and this applies to both the United States and the European ones, willing to take on the considerable logistical costs in order to go to a racetrack that whets the interest of their readers.

At the circuit, there are currently mainly races reserved for historic cars and the American series American Le Mans Series and Champ Car.