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Carbon fiber rear fender for Aprilia CAPONORD

Carbon fiber rear fender for Aprilia CAPONORD Aprilia, Caponord, Carbon, Classic Line image
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Carbon fiber rear fender for Aprilia CAPONORD

Carbon fiber rear fender for Aprilia CAPONORD 


- Made with carbon fiber and high quality epoxy resins.
- The carbon fiber is of the "plain weave" type, which makes the material more balanced to offer high resistance and at the same time more lightness.


- Each piece produced is handcrafted and finished by hand. 
- High quality materials are used to guarantee resistance and durability. 
- Each piece is made with the utmost care and following a production protocol with strict quality standards, to have good details finishes, and is individually checked piece by piece after production is completed and finally polished. 
- The product can be arranged according to the case with standard holes, for correct installation to replace the original piece.


- It does not require any particular modifications and is perfectly interchangeable with the standard piece.

Frequent questions:
Is the material all carbon, or is it a different material, but covered in carbon?
Our accessories are composed entirely of carbon fiber and resins which are necessary to give shape and compactness to the product. We use quality carbon fiber. For more information you can also consult the section dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
Do I have to go to a specialized installer for assembly or can I install it myself?
Yes, you can also mount it yourself, but it depends on your experience. In general, the accessories are made starting from the original standard ones and do not require particular modifications. They are easily interchangeable (they are delivered according to the cases with the standard holes provided). However, we recommend installing it at specialized motorcycle workshops (Racing), as special cases may arise: in fact, there may be cases where manual activities are required, such as heating the accessory for adaptation in place; the enlargement of holes; the application of silicone fixing paste.
Our after sales service is always available to provide useful advice on assembly.
Which product do you recommend for cleaning the carbon?
It depends on the type of carbon finish. For glossy carbon we recommend the use of a POLISH detergent. For opaque carbon we recommend the use of a neutral detergent.
Our after sales service is always available to provide useful advice on cleaning accessories.
Can I return the product if I change my mind?
If for any reason the purchased product does not satisfy you, we accept the return and reimburse the sums received, within 14 days from the date of receipt (legal guarantee).
Carbon fiber rear fender for Aprilia CAPONORD
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Product details and characteristics
LineClassic Line
FinishingSemi lucida
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  • Model: MCA001
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Replacement product not original

This product (carbon or fiberglass) is to be considered as a replacement part not original. It is produced by our production department, or by partner companies, based on the original model. The original mark is quoted and reported in these pages exclusively to indicate the vehicle or motorcycle models to which the product described makes reference, in order to allow its identification as a spare part or as an option.
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