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About Us


Mirco Bruni and his staff

we dedicate ourselves with passion
to your passions!

Carboniomania existed for more than 15 years. Quality, service and innovation are the driving force of the company and we are very proud to present potervela.

We have more than a few important phrase that guides us in our work. One of our favorite sayings is: the better, faster, faster!

the founder

Carboniomania was created in 2003 by the passion and experience of Mirco Bruni, a former motorcycle racer.

Mirco, with his biker experience, both on the track and on the road, it is dedicated to realize hulls and accessories for motorcycles, specializing in the production of carbon parts and fiberglass, just thinking of a specific category of users: fans motorcyclists, who love and know how to live the emotions dates from road bikes and racing.

the company

E 'born that way CarbonioMania the company, has also become also the brand that now characterizes our website "" The e-commerce site dedicated exclusively and specifically to the two wheels:


The strengths of CarbonioMania are therefore accessories and parts in carbon fiber or fiberglass to replace those supplied as standard.

These parts, which are located and you can buy from the comfort of site, do not require and do not require any particular change. They are parties (in general, fairings or fenders, spoilers, para-heels, etc.) that can be installed quickly, easily and with great precision in the assembly.

Also, something to be reckoned with, and not least, these accessories are sold by us at very affordable rates., in fact, provides and distributes high quality products at very affordable rates.

The materials are always well kept and verified.

All these benefits are available and were made possible thanks to important partnerships and collaborations in Carboniomania time has been able to realize national and international reality.

Quality, innovation, use of technology and artisan attention to detail are the elements that distinguish the products distributed by Carboniomania, whose expertise is at your service also thanks to the Internet.

organization of the company

The company is organized in this way:

The workshop and technical production department Carboniomania Bruni Mirco is headquartered in Sant'Angelo di Piove (a fifteen minute drive from Padua), in the center of the Padua province and has 70 square meters of exhibition and more than 200 square meters of laboratory, technical experts available to customers.

The cyberstore Carboniomania (, with more than 1000 customers in Italy is an online store specializing in the sale of accessories in carbon fiber and fiberglass for road bikes and online competition operates primarily in Italy (founded in 2003).

The cyberstore promotes its sales even through the most important markets of the Internet, such as:

Ebay (

Amazon (

The cyberstore Carboniomania was established in 2003 and is managed by the company

MUST WEB S.R.L. - Partita IVA 04911590281 - Iscrizione REA PD-427900
Indirizzo sede legale: Corso Stati Uniti 23/I 35127 Padova (PD)

which has the exclusive.

Every month an average of 5,000 people visit the pages available on the Carboniomania site for information on new products and on the best deals on accessories in carbon and fiberglass for road bikes and racing.

Mirco Bruni is in charge of the production and technical area

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